Get out there: You Yangs- Flinders Peak

The second instalment of the You Yangs Trail series.

Last week we looked at the Saddle Back Track. HERE HERE HERE

Today we are going to the top of the You Yangs Regional Park, Flinders Peak.

Described as 450 granite steps, the track up to the top of the You Yangs curls its away around the peak until you reach a few like none other in the west of Melbourne. To the east, on a clear day the Melbourne skyline and to the south the crisp blue waters of the bay. Oh did I mention you are surrounded by tall green gums and then nothing but flat nothing. It’s worth every step.

For instruction on how to get to the You Yangs, check out the first instalment of the series.

Once inside the park, follow the signs to the Turntable and Flinders Peak. Park your car in the Turntable car park.


Follow the signs to Flinders Peak. It’s literally right in front of you, you can’t get lost.

After the few few steps you’ll see a path off the right which says East-West Walk, we’ll get to that next week, just keep going up.

Then you’ll see another sign on the left, the other end of the East-West Walk, pass that too, keep going up.

Now that you have gone past the East-West Walk, it’s only up from here. Enjoy the steps, see you at the top.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 3.54.29 pm

Distance 3 km (return)
Track steps
Elevation Max: 454 m
Water available: No, take a hand held
Toilets: At Turntable carpark
Shoes: Road shoes are fine
GPX File Coming soon:


The Flinders Peak climb is very popular on the weekend so I’d head there early just be careful of kangaroos jumping onto the road at sunrise and sunset. Lots of people take their dogs too.

During the week is the best time to have a go and like me, you can spend an hr or so doing multiple laps (I was very disabled the next day!).

If you are new to trails or elevation or just hate stairs, there are some great spots for a few selfies and a rest on the way up. There are some bench seats and look out points at different spots.

Take snacks or head down to one of the picnic areas after wards.

Strava segments are present for the up, the down and the combination so have a crack and make sure you check out the crazy fast people who do multiple intervals.

As with The Saddle back track, the You Yangs 100 Miler and 50k in July each year take into the peak if you don’t want to go on your own.

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