Injured with 32 days to go!

Breathe, breathe, in, out, in, out.

I am running my first 100 mile race in 32 days.

And I have a niggle. A big one.

Breathe out.

You know what’s a little funny (but not really), I’ve never had an injury before. A little bit (or a lot of) soreness but never an actual injury.

I’m worried, I’m scared, I’m hoping it will just go away and I won’t have to worry about it ever again, like ever!

I noticed it yesterday when I was out for my early morning 10km cruise. It was nothing to strenuous or out of the ordinary, just a 10k trot with some rolling hills. I wasn’t even on a trail, just a footpath in a well to do area. I didn’t fall, or stop suddenly or anything dramatic. It just appeared. A dull ache, right at the top of my inner left thigh.

When I was in the rhythm of the run I was fine, sure there was a dull ache, but it didn’t really hurt too much. But when I stopped at the lights and had to restart again, there was pain and limping into my rhythm again. It felt like a sex injury just without the sex!

Breath in, breath out.

Without Two Bays 56km Ultra just 5 days away and Tarawera Miler 32 days away, I really can’t afford any sort of niggle.

And Dr. Google, you were not helpful at all. Seriously, the answers were either “RICE and wait” or “you could be dying”.

So the plan for the next five days, no running 🙁 , light stretching, lots of water and a super clean diet. Can’t afford to put all the weight back on that it has taken me 6 weeks to loose.

Fingers crossed, brace yourselves for cranky unable to run Mel.

32 days to go!


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