Hello lovers!

Apologies for being a bit MIA, I’ve had a few weeks.

Last week I got married, ran a marathon, went interstate for work and had a birthday!

But I have been continuing my little experiment which bloody Netflix keeps corrupting by adding more and more documentaries. Are you kidding me? How am I meant to keep up with that?

I’ve been doing really well with my Keep Cup and carrying around my enviro bags for groceries and shopping in general.

I come unstuck a little bit with the coffee cups when I leave the house with only my phone. I have one of those phone cases that has the wallet section so it’s common place for me to just grab my phone and go. Who needs an entire hand bag full of enviro bags, keep cups and giant water bottles? So those impulsive purchases are the ones that let me down.

But hey a problem identified is learning opportunity right?

Plastic Free July is off and kicking. It’s actually not as hard as I thought. Although I am accumulating lots of light plastic next to my rubbish bin.

That’s probably the most inconvenient part of recycling. Having piles of rubbish everywhere. A bucket/bowl for compost, a rubbish bin, recyclables and the plastic.

Has any one worked out a system or do I need to go and buy four other bins for my kitchen?

Open for suggestions.

Think a little


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