The 5 Day Experiment: Goodbye Social Media

“Just take it one day at a time”.

It’s such a horrid cliche.

If you think about it, how else are you going to live? It’s not like you can just skip Thursday or do Wednesday and Friday at the same time. What does that even mean?

I’m sure it has some ancient meaning of not obsessing over the future or the past and living in the moment or maybe it is just a cheesy line from every single AA themed Hollywood movie. But like “take a breath” or “calm down”, telling someone to take it “one day at at time” is kind of just empty space filler to fill the awkward silence that suffocates people when something shitty happens and no one knows what to do or say. Lets just sprinkle some cliche over that shit, smooth over some nicities and hope no one notices that it is actually shit that you are eating.

I remember reading something early on in this #injuredrunner journey. Something about being injured being similar to going through the grieving process. Well today, today we are angry.

Not exactly angry at anyone or anything in particular, just angry.

Truthful, Instagram isn’t helping. It seems like everyone around me is running. Training for something, counting down to a big race, I can’t avoid it. Since it was such a big part of my life before the injury, it’s now everywhere. It’s suffocating and it’s pissing me off.

It’s in my inbox, my Instagram feed, my podcast library, my hallway, my closet, my car.


Today is 54 days without running. I feel like my life is static. My rehab program is heavy weights, every second day and I can barely even lift it.

I can’t even manage the every second day. I know it is a process and I’m starting from scratch but it’s still hard when all I want to do is run. I have to accept that what I was doing got me in this situation in the first place,so clearly what I was doing wasn’t working. Rationally I know I have to take it slow and strength and muscle, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

So yesterday I started a little experiment. 5 days without social media. No instagram, No Facebook, No snap chat and No Twitter. I don’t really use Snap and Twitter much so deleting the Apps off my phone was easy.

Should be interesting. I know I spend an awful amount of time on there just to look, to scroll, mindlessly flicking through.

Maybe I can change more than just my bones with this injury thing.

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