My 2022 (and 23) running goals

“Not all crazy idea are great, but all great ideas are crazy”

I’m not sure where I heard that, maybe the Free Trail podcast, I know Elon Musk has said something similar, but it really applies to ultra running.

The Tarawera 100 mile race has been my A race for two years now, but a pesky pandemic kept getting in the way. If it wasn’t our border it was New Zealand’s border, open, closed, half open, closed.

My entry has been deferred again, to February 2023. I have another year to prepare, to do that daily grind, to tick the boxes, run the lead up races, test out the gear, talk myself in and out of it.
I’ve planned out my year with a few lead up races and I’m sure I’ll scatter some more in there too.

Last year, I didn’t run a single race on my race calendar. It’s hard to set goals after two years of being constantly disappointed, to keep putting your heart on the line when it seems like nothing is in your control.
But we do it anyway. We sign up for the races, we do the training and we put those bricks in the wall until we have built the Taj Mahal.

So for 2022,

  • Snowies 70k
  • Surf coast trail marathon 42k
  • Cairns to Port Douglas 120k

In preparation for the big one.
Share your goals folks and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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