Veganize yo life!

“Veganize yo life”- That’s the advice my 10 yr + vegan friend gave me.

Being a beginner vegan or newly minted plant based eater is a difficult place to find yourself.

On one hand you are super stoked that you have taken a positive step for your health, animals and the environment but on the other hand is that word “vegan” and all of the connotations in conjures.

When you google the word vegan and click on the images tab you get lots and lots of pretty green logos and pics of vegetables and fruit platters.

But when you say the word vegan to any man on the street, they think of a pierced, dread locked chick protesting in the street and throwing fake blood on people just trying to do their jobs.

I think it’s one of the hardest things about going vegan. Most start with the food but what do you do about your leather couch and your work boots and wooden blankets.

Sometimes I’m embarrassed and feel like I might get called out. I order a vegan meal at work (because no one understands plant based or it’s ooen to interpretation) but I’m wearing leather work boots.

Im not out lecturing people but I don’t want to be called a hypocrite either.

I’m just doing my best.

For me, given how our default setting today is to consume, consume, consume, I just can’t justify to myself throwing out a perfectly good item only to replace it with a vegan option. Yes I could give it to good will or I can just wear it out and when it comes time to replace it, get the more animal and environmentally friendly option.

These are my “ugg boots”. Note they are not the brand name boot but you get the idea.

They are so tattered that the sole is being held on with a hair tie.


I can’t wait to get a vegan pair for Christmas and I feel like I really do actually need them. It’s not an impulse purchase or getting another item just for the sake of getting more stuff.

Kinder for the animals and the environment and my toes!

One step at a time.

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