Actually training: not just running, week 1

Well well well. After saying I was going to do it for at least three weeks, here we are at the end of a half successful week of “training”.

I say half successful because I’m not entirely stoked with my week but I’ve come to realise that training is a bit of a work in progress, especially when starting back up again.

Last week, I went back to the gym for the first time in 12 months, since COVID slammed the doors shut last year. The gyms had opened back up late last year and closed and re-opened in fits and spurts but with work restrictions still in place it was hard to get it to work out so I hadn’t been back.

(NOTE: For those not in Melbourne, Australia, there is no/minimal COVID 19 in Australia now due to successful lockdowns and things are re-opening extremely safely)

I’d been trying pretty inconsistently to keep up some sort of strength training at home but my weights weren’t heavy enough. So when I finally made it back to the gym, my god, the pain!

The session itself wasn’t so bad but my body ached and complained for the rest of the week. Safe to say, not a lot of good training took place.

So after last weeks failed attempt and a pinch of mojo from Dirt Church Radio, I was pretty determined to actually “train” this week.

I got my planner out of Sunday and even scheduled some sessions but now a week later, looking back on the plan, I think the only thing I did when I said I would was PT!

But I did manage 4 of the 7 sessions and one extra junk miles session.

I started on Tuesday morning at 4:30am for a rising heart rate run on the treadmill. It was a hot and sweaty mess and really cooked my calves for the rest of the week.

PT on Tuesday night was hard but good. I felt like I worked hard but didn’t feel completely disabled the next day.

I managed a few other sessions throughout the week and they were hard. I was pretty impressed that I didn’t bail on the last one to be honest, it was hard and it would have been easy to just stop.

My week maxed out at only 45km, at least 10km less than my usual low weeks. Some days when I couldn’t be bothered or have the time to do the full 60 or 90 minute workout, I wouldn’t do anything. So instead of running 6 days, I only ran 4.

Next week, I’ll add in more recovery or easy k’s in between workouts.

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