The indecisive runner- but I want it all?

When I started running events I didn’t know trail running or mountain running existed.

I knew of marathons of course but that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge.

I had started running around the block near my house, I didn’t even have an accurate distance for the loop. I thought it was about 3k but I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really matter, I was training for a beep test, I figured all running fitness would help.

It was almost two years before I signed up for a race. A road half marathon in the centre of Melbourne, Run Melbourne. I ran that race every year for about four years. The fifth year I didn’t run it because I completed my first marathon (on the road) a week before.

I haven’t run it every year, once I discovered road marathons and then trails, I missed a few years. Running trails had become my focus.

In 2019, arguably my best running year, I ran my half marathon PB at the event.

The race has sentimental value.

So fast forward to a few weeks ago, sitting on the couch, feeling sorry for myself over my current run/walk protocol and crippled with epic FOMO over the Gold Coast Marathon and the PR’s everyone on Instagram was setting, I signed up for Run Melbourne 2023.

It’s now the Friday before the race and I don’t know what to do about it.

One: I have signed up and paid for it ($140)

Two: My plan is to run about that distance on Sunday anyway (although still run walk)

Three: My running mates are going and I am very short in the friend department

But, is running Run Melbourne in accordance with my running values and goals for the year?

My goal is to finish Tarawera in February, which means being healthy enough to build mileage, run a 100k in the lead up (probably Surf Coast Century, maybe even Kosci) and be able to train appropriately for the race, on trails.

Will running Run Melbourne help with that? Probably not.

Will running Run Melbourne potentially push back my recovery? Maybe

Am I better off going for a run on the trails and run/walking? Probably

Am I completely torn and venting on the internet in the hopes it will reveal the answer? Absolutely!!!

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