Oh dear- Where did my brains go?

I’ve had one of those weeks.

Who knows the cause of it? Maybe it was last week’s full on week of training, or not getting enough sleep or that time of the month but I seriously feel like I’m loosing my shit.

Training has been a little bit blah this week but I’ve save the breakdown for tomorrow’s Week 4 in review.

I’ve definitely felt flat in general. I was tired, craving sweet foods (hello Vegan donuts) and started getting a coldsaw on my lip, always a sign I’m a bit run down.

But I soldered on, increasing my veggie and water intake, added Lysine to deal with the coldsaw and just reduced the effort in my training.

After my food diary review I was really conscious of my snacks so for a full reboot I cut them out all together and added a 20 hr fast to flush out all the crap and give my system a rest. I try to add in some intermittent fasting of about 16 hours a couple of times a week, on different days. There is heaps of research on the benefits but this week I was really just looking for that break.

It clearly didn’t help much as I woke up this morning after an epic sleep in for me only to find that the trail run I had signed up for, which I thought was tomorrow, was actually today and I had missed it.

I was devastated for a number of reasons. I signed up for the Gold Rush Run for the opportunity to run a trail I wasn’t familiar with in a controlled environment.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the main reasons for the Get out there posts was to share some trails with people who might be apprehensive about going out there alone because I’m one of those people. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for these amazing people called Race Directors, I would never have discovered trail running.

This is the second time this week that I’ve had one of those moments where I have read something incorrectly or just skimmed over something important. I also realized that I had been reading my training plan wrong this whole time. My wonderful SquadRun squaddies suggested I tattoo the date and time for Tarawera on my forehead.


Also, might be time for botox!


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