Tarawera Miler Training- Week 4

Holy crap, it’s been a month since I signed up for a 100 Mile race. Granted for me the word “race” is a little loose, it’s more about making it to the end without using my life insurance.

I’m super proud of myself for sticking with the plan for the past month. I’ve been a little loose in the past but you can’t just wing 160km.

Actually it turns out it’s 162.2 km, and before you ask, yes that 2.2km is important. The course map was released this week, complete with an elevation profile so scare even the most oblivious flat lander and the list of aid station locations.


Eight lakes, one boat ride, approximately 5000 metres of elevation and all the watermelon and chips you can handle.

When I first looked at the course map earlier in the week there was one thing that caught my attention. A 22km gap between aid stations between 125 and 147km. I’m so glad I checked. That might take some extra preparation and an extra water bottle or even a bladder in the drop bag before.

I’m determined to do this as right as I can. I know anything can happen on the trails but I honestly believe that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. The opportunity has presented itself, now I have to prepare as best I can which means planning those drop bags, working the program and ensuring I am the happiest, smiliest person on the trails.

I’ve also got myself a new head torch and some trekking poles to learn to use in the next few weeks.

Ok so onto the week in review.


This week I felt super sluggish and tired. I think I was a bit run down and not sleeping the best.
Totals: 60.8 km, 7 hrs 4min, 944 metres elevation

I’m pretty happy with this. I’ve been steadily increasing my elevation and making a conscious effort to ensure that I’m not just logging distance but vert as well. I completed my P1 (3 hr trail run), P2 (50 min at marathon pace), P3 (1 hr long slow with 100 m surges), P7 (90 min trail) and just a midweek non P cruise.

I skipped the second marathon pace run and the hill repeats as I was just tired and couldn’t bring myself to do it. So the non P and the P7 kept the legs ticking over instead.

I headed out for my 3 hr trail run this morning determined to have a good time after missing my race yesterday. I got up early and drove down to my favourite place to run, Point Addis. If you’ve never been you really should go! I’ll do a Get Out There post this week. It was crisp and cool and the kite surfers were out in force as were the regular crazy surfers at Bells Beach. It would have been a great run for my dogs but I’m always scared of snakes. Mind you, I’d never seen one until today so I really had nothing to be afraid of.

But when I saw that snake, long and skinny and black, wriggle down under the little bridge, I could have literally shit myself. (You know the rule, ultra runners should never trust a fart! 😂) I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to take a snap but I wasn’t waiting around for it to poke its head out again. The next 6 km on single track, I’ve never been so scared. Every stick was a snake, every russle in the bushes, definitely a snake. I’ve never been so glad to get out of that single track. The two blue tongue lizards I saw after that must have wondered what the go was with my extreme reaction to their sunbaking. Oh well, fun and games.


I’ve spoken a lot about nutrition already this week so I don’t want to dwell too much on it except to note that in the past 4 weeks I have lost a total of 1 whole kg. Yay. I’m stoked at that. I’m a small person and the last few kg have been difficult to shift since I ate them. The joys of getting older I guess.

55 days to go until Tarawera.

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